The District Grand Council of the West Midlands
The District Grand Council of the West Midlands 

District 2018

The District Grand Prefect is pleased to announce that the District is supporting the Tanzania Development Trust (TDT), a small charity which has been working in Tanzania for the last 41 years, providing life changing projects including clean water, solar panels for medical clinics and much more.


In 2018, the District raised funds to provide a clean water pump to Kabagwe School in Kigoma Region and is pleased to announce these funds have been put to good use - see the Kabagwe School Project page, including an attached report for a wider picture of the work going on in Tanzania.


District 2019

The District will continue to support the Tanzania Development Trust with another water-providing project at Sasajilim Secondary School.


Alms raised at the 2019 District meeting amounted to £447.40, which when Gift Aid is added will result in a sum of £559.25, a significant amount towarsds the funds needed


Update: Summer 2019

Communication from TDT has been recieved showing the progress made at Sasajilim Secondary School - see the Sasajilim page for further details



This section also includes causes supported by individual Allied Councils. Glevum Council being the first to publish details of their support for Disabled Riding.


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