The District Grand Council of the West Midlands
The District Grand Council of the West Midlands 

Rainwater Harvesting at Sasajilim School

Following the Kabagwe school project's completion, which saw a water pump installed, the District Grand Prefect proposes supporting another school with a similar project.


Sasajilim Secondary School (shown below), in the Manyoni District of Singida Region in Tanzania, has similar restricted access to a water supply.



In this instance, the students have to bring 5 litres of water each day to school, purchased from a limited water source in the local village. This is  expensive for families on limited income and insufficient for the school's needs.  


The District will be raising funds to allow local workers to build an underground concrete rainwater harvesting tank (of between 35,000 and 55,000 litre capacity). This will allow the school to collect rainwater which should be sufficient for its needs.


The Tanzania development Trust has recently completed four similar schemes at other schools in neighbouring areas, which have proven to be of great benefit to the pupils and staff. 

Example of a recently completed rainwater harvesting tank.

The District Grand Prefect announced the District's continuing support of this project at the District meeting held on 26th Janaury 2019

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