The District Grand Council of the West Midlands
The District Grand Council of the West Midlands 


Centenary meeting of Stafford Council no 37 -13th December 2019 at Burton


Advance notice:


Stafford Council no 37 will celebrate its centenary on 13th December 2019 at the Burton Masonic Hall.


Many distinguished guests from across the country and from Grand Council will be in attendance to participate in what promises to be a memorable evening for both the Council, and the District


The meeting will also present a rare opportunity to see a demonstration of the Secret Monitor degree, as was worked by the Allied Masonic Degrees (prior to 1931). This ceremony differs from the degree confered in the Order of the Secret Monitor and is rarely seen.


Further details will follow, but make a note in your diaries.

Allied Activity at Burton on Trent


Plenty of Allied activity is to be witnessed during the first months of the new year.

On January 26th, the popular District meeting will be held, where our District Grand Prefect will invest W Bro J P A McCollum as his new Deputy.

Immediately before hand, the Installed Master's Council, Auxilium, will be installing V W Bro A J Stanton as their master for the ensuing year.


Just a few weeks later, on March 14th, Burton Cooper Council will be confering the degree of Grand High Priest - always an impressive ceremony to witness (or perhaps take part in).


Details and summonses can be found inthe Sumonses section.

New District Banner dedicated at Bromsgrove Council


At a meeting of Bromsgrove Council at Northfield on 20th November, a new District Banner was dedidcated.

The District's original banner which has now been retired

A new, brighter banner was dedicated by the District Grand Prefect, ably assisted by many District Officers.

District Grand Prefect's address:

Brethren, this District was formed as West Midlands in the year 2000 by the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the day, Michael Edward Herbert. This divided the Midlands Division into East and West Midland Districts.

                   The first District Grand Prefect was one R. Wor. Bro. David Carr Hooker, a larger than life figure in the annals of Midlands masonry. He was first District Grand Prefect of the West Midlands after the division of the then ‘Division of the Midlands’ into two Districts – West and East Midlands in the year 2000. We are gathered here today to Dedicate a new District Banner to its use.

District Grand Prefect and acting District Grand Chaplain at the dedication


The motto translates as:

Man proposes

God disposes

The acting District Grand Chaplain, W Bro Rev Justin Parker, gave an informative and meaningful oration on the significance of banners in general, and the new district banner in particular, along with the individual significance and lessons from each of the five cermonies in the Order.


Familiar Face takes the chair at Burton Cooper Council


On 31st October, many brethren from the District braved the Halloween evening to travel to Burton and witness our District Grand Prefect being installed as the new Worshipful Master for Burton Cooper Council.


Right Worshipful Brother Cliff Bull was installed in the chair in sincere form by the Installing Master, Worshipful Brother Adam Hough (both pictured).


The brethren assembled enjoyed a hearty Burton festive board, and the new Worshipful Master especially enjoyed his wine taking with the District Grand Prefect!


Council Banner Dedication in Burton


On 4th June, Brethren from across the District gathered at Burton-upon-Trent to witness the dedication of Burton Cooper Council's new banner, the first Council in the District to have its own Banner.


The District Grand Prefect, Right Worshipful Brother Clifford Bull, accompanied by a numerous retinue of District officers, consecrated the banner, and is seen here presenting it to the Worshipful Master of Burton Cooper Council, Worshipful Brother Adam Hough











Brethren assembled with the new banner






The District Grand Prefect, Deputy District DC and Assistant District Secretary toasting the new banner

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